Friday, April 24, 2009

Long time no write....

So its been a while since I last blogged, last year in fact, right after the Obama presidential victory.

What's happened since then? Quite a lot but not all stuff I wanted to write about.

I lost a lot of impetus when it came to the blogging and I wasn't too bothered to carry on.

Now before you ask, nothing terrible happened, apart from the death of our dear sweet dog Blackie (whom I've written about many times before). This personal tragedy has been written about quite eloquently by my darling Kata here and there's not a lot I need to add to it other than I'm glad we were both with him when he died and that he didn't suffer in his last days (it would have been much harder to watch our darling lil puppy get older and grumpier and start to suffer from old age).

As to my personal situation; things are in the same approximate limbo as before. We're still not married (still no date set), we're still living together (and extremely happy) and I still love Canada (although the winter we just went through was one hell of a how do you do compared to my first winter here). I'll be heading back to the UK some time next month (tentatively set at 15th May) and I'll be back to take care of a bunch more stuff on the UK side that will hopefully let me cut the final non-familial/friend ties with the "mother country". Here's hoping things go smoothly while I'm over and the weather isn't terrible (mid spring in Scotland is way worse than mid spring in southern Canada) so that my time there will be half decent.

That last paragraph was a bit rambling but that goes with my current frame of mind I guess. Money has been tight recently as we're living off Kata's wages alone (my savings were spent ages ago) and without her job we'd be screwed (by western standards anyway), so finances have been tight, but we've managed. But I will say, apart from our Bubby's death, we're the happiest we've ever been and our lives can only get better once all our crap is sorted out and I can get to earning in Canada.

I'll try and start writing more regularly but I won't promise anything (not that anyone is really clamouring to read my writings) and I may be really preoccupied over the next month what with travelling to the UK and back, so we'll see.

In any case, for anyone who does read this, hey there, I'm still alive and still happy with my darling Kata in wonderful Canada, minus one adorable fluffy lil puppy named Blackie (Andre Jefferson Blackwell the Thurst as we decided one happy day to call him for no good reason).